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Chester G.

i like your post.

Jerry C.

This doesn’t really apply to the vid, but one thing I heard a reference to was a pace lap before going all out.  This really never happens at a track night event, but would be a really good policy. In my case my tires need a full lap to come up to temp.  They are very sketchy for the first lap and I typically have people riding my bumper and wanting to pass on the second or third corner.  My car doesn’t have stability control so the tire temp is really critical for a safe and fun lap.

Raquel Keefe

I keep saying that Bob #1 is a zero who taught me the laidback and easy way to flag at the last time trial. I dont think he would have appreciated that so I didnt get a return call. I wasnt listening and he kept me cool and collected. I swear he was snooping in my draw with the typo with Paul the President and his last name and Paul let Bob take charge over the session. I guess I learned my lesson. This video is way cool too and Ill watch it more than once.