Fastrack exists to keep members informed of the latest rules updates of the Club. Fastrack items are usually updated once a month. New in 2019, each program publishes their own updates independently. Click on each section below for the latest updates and a compilation of this year's minutes and decisions.

Current Publications

Latest update: 12/20/2019

January 2020 PDF

 * NOTE: The publication of the February Fastrack will be delayed a few days due to the timing of the meetings and the National Convention. 

Archive Full Fastrack

2019 January - December PDF

Latest update: 11/26/2019

December 2019 PDF



2019 thru December PDF

Latest update: 11/12/2019

November 2019 PDF



2019 thru November PDF

Latest update: 2018






Starting in 2019, previous editions for each year will be compiled into single documents for each year. This allows members to more easily search and view the revisions of single letters throughout a season.


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