What is Club Racing Experience?

If you want to experience wheel-to-wheel racing in a lower-pressure environment than the Runoffs or even Regional racing - the Club Racing Experience is for you. 

Also known as "CRE,"  at a Club Racing Experience event you can enjoy all of the excitement of wheel-to-wheel racing without all of the pressure - and there will be an instructor coach there to help you through the process.

CRE is open to SCCA members with or without previous racing experience/race license who self-certify that they have no disqualifying medical issues. If you're not a member yet (which we hope you will choose to be), you can still try out CRE on a weekend membership.  


What makes this different from a Road Racing competition?

  • The performance potential of eligible cars is capped so that speed differentials will be minimized. (For more information on this - take a look at the rules, or ask the event organizers.) 
  • There will be a Chief Instructor who has classroom sessions and post session debriefs similar to what happens at competition driver’s schools or track events.
  • There will be less aggressive racing - much more in tune with vintage or low-buck racing series which have much more strict guidelines and expectations when it comes to on-track behavior.


Who should do a CRE?

  • SCCA and non-SCCA licensed drivers that want a low-pressure racing environment.
  • New drivers that want a competition race license. CRE can be a licensing path!
  • Current Solo, Track Event or Time Trials drivers looking for another way to enjoy a motorsports experience.
  • Novice drivers trying to gain more track time.
  • Workers, crew, friends and family who want to see what racing is like.
  • Experienced drivers considering a purchase.


Club Racing Experience events are a fun and safe place to learn and enjoy the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing.

Upcoming Club Racing Experience Events:

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