RoadRally Events Around the Corner

RoadRally is an SCCA adventure like no other. Taking place on public roads, it’s not just you against the competition, you’re also fighting the clock and oftentimes your own mind. From Tours to GTAs, Course and beyond, there’s truly a RoadRally for everyone.

For those itching to hit the road at Divisional and National RoadRallies, here are a bundle slated for the next three months:


April 30: Steel Haul National Course Rally, Steel Cities Region, Pittsburgh, PA
May 1: Iron Run Divisional Course Rally, Steel Cities Region, Pittsburgh, PA
May 14: Ohio Milk Run Divisional Tour Rally, NEOhio Region, Dover, OH
May 14: Badger Burrow Divisional Tour Rally, Milwaukee Region, Arena, WI
May 21: Norman Divisional GTA Rally, Steel Cities Region, Greensburg, PA
May 22: SJR Spring Rally Divisional Tour Rally, South Jersey Region, Vineland, NJ
June 4: Roads Scholar National Course Rally, Milwaukee Region, Middleton, WI
June 5: Roads Scamper National Tour Rally, Milwaukee Region, Middleton, WI
July 30: Wisconsin Challenge National Course Rally, Land O’Lakes Region, Menomonie, WI
July 30: Wisconsin Challenge National Tour Rally, Land O’Lakes Region, Menomonie, WI

RoadRally also includes a points series, with Tour, GTA and Course rallies sporting their own season-long points championships, which can be found here.

Champions are determined by the accumulation of points, awarded based on finishing position in the RoadRally versus the score earned. Divisional rallies count as one event while National rallies count as two. Rallyists may count the best 10 of the first 14 “events” entered in each series and may accrue a maximum of 100 points per series.

Zoom On By To Learn More!

The first quarterly Zoom RoadRally get-together of 2022 is scheduled for April 21, from 7-9 p.m. CDT and will cover “Introduction to Treks” and “Getting Started with GPS Checkpoints.”

“Introduction to Treks” is perfect for Regional Executives from all Regions, especially those not currently offering a RoadRally program. Learn how easy it is to start a RoadRally program with these simple, non-competitive and frequently well-attended events.

“Getting Started with GPS Checkpoints” is designed with current and prospective Rallymasters and RoadRally Event Chairs in mind. Come learn about the Richta app!

Both sessions will offer time for Q&A, and all SCCA members are invited to participate via this Zoom link:

To register for events, or to simply find out more visit the SCCA RoadRally page.

Photo by Scott Harvey