Find Your Fun: Eight Members Who Form a Small Slice of the Pie

Whether your goal is a National Championship or simply “Go Fast, Be Last,” the number one goal of the SCCA is, of course, “fun with cars.”

With help from our friends at Hoosier Racing Tire and Mazda Motorsports, we’ve found eight members who have discovered their fun.

Although Road Racing’s Richard Dickey, Kevin Fryer and Sam Silver and Time Trials’ Dan Dennehy, Michael Neat and Elias Espinal have their stories featured, we all have one. Each a little bit different, each with our own unique angle, but always, at the end of the day, with fun as the goal.

This series of eight videos is just a very small part of our Club, but it may remind you how you “found your fun” – whether that happened last month, last year, or last century.

We invite you to reflect on your experiences and what “fun in the SCCA” means to you. We’d love to hear your story, but more than that, we’d love for you to share it – over beverages at the track with your fellow members, or as you invite someone along with you to participate and begin a journey to find their particular fun.

Click here to see all of the short videos – and who knows, you or your car might have a cameo, so watch closely!


Photo by Jay Bonvouloir