Hagerty Handles Time Trials Nationals’ Friday Night Festivities

The SCCA® Time Trials Nationals Championship is just over a month away and it’s shaping up to be just as much about the fun as it is about the competition! Days of quality competition are best complimented by evenings with great friends, good food, and maybe a little more friendly competition. No one understands that better than our partners at Hagerty, which is why they’re joining us as the presenting sponsor for the TT Nationals Friday night party!

Participants will enjoy food and drinks from a local brewery along with a go-kart shoot out on the NCM Kart Track. Compete for real, or just for laughs- it doesn’t matter as long as you’re having a great time with your fellow participants!

Hagerty, of course, insures classic cars, sports cars, and race cars, but they also cover trucks, motorcycles, boats, military vehicles, and even modern vehicles, too. But did you know they can insure your car for track events? Hagerty is proud to be the exclusive on-track insurance partner of Track Night in America. They also offer coverage (competitive and non-competitive) for SCCA’s Time Trials Nationals program. Check out the coverage options they offer here.

Heyward Wagner, Director of Marketing and Experiential Programs, said, “Hagerty has been an amazing partner for Track Night in America and it is equally important to bring their brand and product to the SCCA Time Trials program.  Many of our participants will be competing in their street cars.  Having the peace of mind that Hagerty brings is a super important part of making this program accessible, easy and fun.”

Hagerty joins SCCA partners Mobil1, Hawk Performance, KONI, and NCM Motorsports Park in presenting what is sure to be an unforgettable weekend for all involved. Come join us September 28-30 at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky! Have you gotten your spot yet? It’s not too late- Register HERE!

Photo courtesy of Tradd Slayton