The SCCA Board of Directors has approved a recommendation by its Club Racing Board to adopt a spec tire for the Formula Continental class in all events (including Regional, Majors and Runoffs) beginning May 1, 2021. All cars will utilize Hoosier bias ply tires (R60A compound for dry, W3 tread and compound for wet), with a limit to the number of tires a competitor can use on a given race weekend.


Following an extensive participant survey, direct feedback from racers and collaboration with promoters of professional racing series, the decision was made to utilize a bias construction versus a radial construction, with the Club Racing Board citing that some existing chassis would require costly modifications to optimize a radial.


In 2021, a set of dry tires will retail for $730, plus tax and shipping, with a set of wet tires priced at $800. Pricing could fluctuate based on raw material costs in the future. Like in the Formula F class, to keep the price of tires as low as possible, no contingency payouts will be posted at SCCA’s request.


The language approved for the 2021 General Competition Rules is as follows:

In GCR, section 9.1.1.B.10. add as follows:

Effective 5-1-2021

"g. FC shall be limited to the following tires (tires must be used in their designated position - front/rear - on the car):  


Front – Hoosier 20.5 x 7.0 – 13 R60A compound - Part Number 43164
Rear – Hoosier 22.0 x 8.0 – 13 R60A compound – Part Number 43285


Front – Hoosier 21.0 x 6.5– 13 W3 - Part Number 44185
Rear – Hoosier 22.0 x 8.0 – 13 W3 – Part Number 44196

  1. FC shall be permitted a maximum of four (4) dry tires and four (4) wet tires for all Regional, Major and Super Tour events; eight (8) dry tires and eight (8) wet tires for Runoffs. This rule shall be effective beginning with the first (1st) qualifying session of the event. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that their tires are declared, marked and logged by Tech in advance of their use in on-track session(s).
  2. Use of an undeclared tire shall automatically result in all times being disallowed in that session or loss of finishing position in that race.
  3. If a tire is damaged during a qualifying session or a race the competitor may replace the damaged tire with a used tire upon approval by the Chief Steward without loss of time or finishing position. Second or subsequent damaged tires may similarly be replaced upon approval by the Chief Steward, however such shall result in the loss of grid position in the subsequent race or session; the competitor shall start at the back of the grid. "